This page contains a few third-party MobaXterm plugins that I packaged myself. MobaXterm is an enhanced terminal for Windows build on top of cygwin. It is self-contained and doesn't require installing or managing a ton of dependencies and things like Cygwin.

Unfortunately, they haven't packaged many plugins for it. In particular, I needed python and cmake in order to compile LLVM so I've packaged them myself.


Simply put the plugins into the same directory as MobaXterm (The procedure is the same as with official plugins). Note: a few of the software development plugins depend on the Gcc, G++ and development tools plugin from MobaxTerm's website. Specifically CGDB, CMake, and LLVM.


Packaging scripts are found here:

To download MobaXterm go here:

To download official plugins go here:

Below is the list of plugins:

  • CGDB.mxt3 : CGDB: The curses debugger 0.6.7.

  • CMake.mxt3 : CMake 2.8.9-2.

  • Graphviz.mxt3 : Graphviz 2.36.0.

  • Lua.mxt3 : Lua 5.15.

  • Mercurial.mxt3 : Mercurial Distributed SCM (version 2.7.1). Note: You need the Python 2.7.x plugin for this plugin to function!

  • NInvaders.mxt3 : nInvaders 0.1.1-2.

  • Python.mxt3 : Python 2.7.3.

  • Readline-devel.mxt3 : Development headers and lib files from readline-6.1.2-3. For applications that link against readline (e.g. cgdb).

  • Zip.mxt3 : Zip 3.0.

MobaXterm Packaged Plugins Download