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A Scoop bucket with an alias-additions app for scoop to ease updating and searching for apps.


Alias-Additions adds an alias 'scoop update-all' for updating scoops and apps.', 'scoop cleanup-all' for removing old versions of all apps, 'scoop cache-show-all' for showing the download cache of all apps, 'scoop cache-rm-all' for clearing the download cache of all apps, 'scoop list-all' which list all app names, 'scoop info-all' which list all apps with their description, 'scoop search-info <"keyword">' which searches all app descriptions and returns apps containing the specified keyword, and 'scoop bucket-origin' which list the git origin of all buckets.


$ scoop bucket add alias-additions

$ scoop install alias-additions


$ scoop update-all

$ scoop cleanup-all

$ scoop cache-show-all

$ scoop cache-rm-all

$ scoop list-all

$ scoop info-all

$ scoop search-info <"keyword">

$ scoop bucket-origin